A GREAT DAY!!! Monday, Jun 15 2009 

saturday was one of those “just shoot me” days. Ahmed was being mean to his brother most of the day.. sometimes he just wants to fight!

Today, Sunday was a REALLY great day! we took my daughter to the french quarter for a birthday lunch (she made 16 today) Ahmed behaved himself so well at the restuarant ( I fed him before we went there so he wouldn’t be impatient) I was soooooo Proud today.. then we went to my friend Annette’s house, her son has Aspergers and he is 7. they were throwing a end of school year party and there was a really good turn out.. waterslide and pool + food = FUN. Ahmed did really well there with all the other kids as he does like to play.. he only had one minor meltdown that didn’t last long so I am so happy for that also.. he was having so much fun we stayed till after 9 p.m. tonight and as I mentioned before.. he is still fully wide awake and on a roll.. his brother who is also 7 has already passed out yet Ahmed is still bouncing off the walls.. so it is now 11 p.m. and i’ll give him his sleepy meds so we can all sleep tonight.. my sister and her son are flying in tomorrow morning. will try to update as much as possible this week.

 thanks for continuing to read everyone!


ugh.. my back Wednesday, Jun 3 2009 

well, it’s 3:35 a.m here. and I am yet again awake with severe back pain.. I’ve  been up for an hour now..gonna take another hot shower and probably a sleep aid.. maybe it will knock me back out again…I’m not sure what’s wrong with me.. I’m tense, sore, I feel like a stiff board and on fire at the same time.. how do explain pain? and just plain aggravated.

an update on Ahmed.. we took him to eat with us at the mexican restuarant here in town.. he did pretty good about staying in his seat compared to most days.. he was loud of course and gagged on his food a couple times but it went pretty good so we took both the boys for ice cream afterwards… Ahmed likes Dots…