I’m gonna make this one about wishes…

I wish my son didn’t have to have meltdowns over the smallest things like blowing bubbles.. it’s not that he can’t blow them.. it’s that he runs out of bubbles and doesn’t understand that things come to an end.. then the meltdown starts. there is NO in between with Ahmed. it’s either “broke” or “fixed” or” ALL OUT”. I can not explain to him in any manner that he can understand that there is a “later” or “we can get more” or “go another day” it is what it is.. it’s what’s right¬†HERE and right NOW.. we are working on it though, maybe his brain will mature over the summer. he was very hyper today, not too many meltdowns..

he made something out of styrofoam pieces he tore up and placed them all in a pattern on the sofa and said “I Made Balloon” it was cute, I made sure I got a picture of that one.

¬†Over the last couple days we have been swimming at the swim club alot and Ahmed has learned how to jump into the water from the side of the pool (with floaties on of course) and we met a young man 21 years old there who is severely autistic.. he speaks well.. socially withdrawn though.. he was with his PCA. I was happy to see him there and hopefully we can get to know him better….