Today  I just want to express my feelings, as occasionally I feel like I may explode. Everyday I see  and hear so much ugliness and hatefulness it is almost impossible to escape it.  yes, I am guilty of bad mouthing others as well.. most times in my case it’s anger or frustration on my part, and I may open my mouth before thinking and for this I apologize.. maybe we are all guilty of this.  I want to set a positive example for my children as we all do.

 How do you stay positive when you live in a place such as I do? now, I don’t live in the slums, although I have been very close to it several times.. I’m talking about living in a town that has been 100% destroyed by a Hurricane, and have come back to it, breaking our backs and busting our own knuckles in pain daily to rebuild, putting our faith in our local and state government to do the right things for us as citizens.. all to discover that we are basically on our own. the amount of Greed here is astounding..

It amazes me what lengths a human being will go to to destroy another. yesterday I sat outside a courtroom from 9:30-4 pm called as a potential witness as it was just by chance..I sat with people who work directly for our parish government.. I listen to what they say.. astonished by some of it, not surprised by the rest. I witnessed not one but 2 people have a emotional breakdown over an ordeal that may or may not cost them their jobs.. things they have no control over. before I left the courtroom, I hear the judge mention that he is friends with both sides and it would be hard for him to render a decision on the case.. but it went forward anyways.. with no ruling in the end.  what the hell is the point? all of this is over a Hospital, which we desperately need.. but it looks like we will have a super-walmart before the hospital. Im going to give thanks for the Dr’s that we do have here now, especially mine- Dr. Bertucci .. I remember back to those first weeks and months after Katrina, and we had nothing.. not even a porta potty and I am so thankful for what we do have now. The hurricane brought many opporotunities and many unfortunate incidents..How do we hold it all together?  just some ramblings of mine..

but on a lighter note, the kids had fun today.. we went to the swim club again.. Ahmed freaked out a couple times, but the last one was the one that made us leave.. he has a limit, even when he is having fun.. he is sleeping peacefully now since 9 p.m. and I can go to sleep now also. goodnight everyone.