Somehow I knew today would be a rough one.. It started  yesterday.. the whining and disagreeing, the hitting, the spitting the screaming tantrums.. the usual. This morning he woke up primed for destruction..I medicated him but it’s not working.. glad my friend called wanting my oldest son to come play with her son.. that takes some of the tension out of the house as Ahmed focuses his anger on his brother.. he is calm at the moment.. we rented a video game that has caught his attention (sigh of relief)

  On top of everything, my blood sugar is high and I’m feeling like a zombie, my entire body hurts, not just my back.. i’m sore and tender all over and I started my period this morning and that just made my day- that’s just all I needed!! UGH! God give me the strength to make it through today or at least till bedtime.. i’m not asking for much… I feel like crying.. not from pain, just need an emotional breakdown.. but only 5 minutes worth. lol